Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catie's Dramatic Weight Loss

I hope it doesn't go too far.  Captures from something I found on the forum entitled "boobs.gif" (cute, eh?) tell the story.

Late 2011

December 2012

                                                    March 2013

April 2013

It bugs me that with all the negative attention given to a little voluptuousness, no one has noticed this.  I'm not even willing to a say "a few extra pounds", I think Catie's weight has always been within the range of healthy, normal, and attractive.  However, for an actor who is a woman, weight control is a bigger deal deal than for a mere human being, and this may be necessary for her career.

Catie's pretty sensible.  Isn't that what we who know her love most?  I enjoy her beauty; I enjoy her talent, but I LOVE CATIE for being an oasis of sanity in the crazy internet.   Still, health is a lot more abstract when you're 21 than when you're older.  I hope she's being careful and healthy, and all is well.   Catie looks great with the weight down, though a skinny Boxxy looks a little strange to me.

Congratulations on the sleek new look!   Take care of yourself, babee!

Note:  Catie's Mom, Lisa, writes:  "she hasn't lost a lot of weight, so the less said the better probably."

I think this is good news from a health standpoint, bad news from the standpoint of my quest to not look like an asshole.  I'll take the hit.  The pictures show what they show.  She looks more slender than before.  Maybe she's gained some muscle, or maybe it's just another case of the pretty girls being a mystery to me.

Her weight isn't the issue, and it never has been; it's the campaign of lies.  This was a ham-handed attempt to establish a baseline of truth.  If I ever revisit this issue, I'll try to put the focus where it belongs.


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