Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 If there was one thing, just one action, I could urge Catie to take, it would be to make  FOAR PRINCEGYASA FRUM BOXXY.

To some, Prince Gyasa may seem like a real-life Svetlana, but I think she's a lot closer to Catie.  A geeky, awkward young feminist, roughly the same age, she made a video in 2009 that was critical of Boxxy,  I believe on feminist grounds.  She was critical; I believe she was misguided, but she was no hater.  Yet, for some reason, probably because she was a geeky young feminist, she's been identified as Boxxy's number one hater, especially in Encyclopedia Dramatica.    From that day to this, she's been pummeled by messages, the tone of which might seem familiar to Catie.

She stood up for it for a long time, not with Catie's grace, but with all of her grit.  But from  that point on, with Boxxy fans posting stupid death threats, Prince Gyasa never lashed out at Boxxy, never blamed her for the hate.  But she made fun of the fans.  They deserved it.

 It would be very awesome.  It would send a message to the Rogue Fans, and did I mention it would be awesome?

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